Testimonials: Authors and Industry Professionals

   Full Bloom Publications

What Authors Say

“We have no doubt that Jennifer Holder is the most creative book editor we have ever worked with. She took a book with a good idea to a new place of organization, fun, and energy. We would wholeheartedly recommend her to any author whose gut says, ‘My manuscript could be communicated better.’”
Sander and Mechele Flaum, authors of four books, including Boost Your Career

“Jennifer Holder is a brilliant editor. She is not only a great writer, she also sees the big picture of a book and applies great organizational skills to help the material flow in a graceful and easy-to-follow manner. Jennifer is compassionate and has a great sense of humor. She brings a sense of adventure to the editing process. I loved working with her.”
Sandra Ingerman, MA, award-winning author of ten books, including Walking in Light

“When I first reached out to Jennifer, I was looking for simple edits to clean up my manuscript for self-publishing. Her insights and suggestions for the book’s organization and moving the plot forward led to a rewrite, which led to a book deal. I credit Jennifer’s work for my book successfully selling to a publisher.”
Tricia LaVoice, Dear Martha, WTF

"Jennifer was my godsend in writing my first book. She not only restructured the book to make it inspiring and accessible, she also helped me find my voice. Truly, Jennifer is a book whisperer. I can honestly say that when I write another book (which in and of itself is a vote of confidence) I will entrust Jennifer with my words. She ‘got me.’ I now know that writing a book can be a process of joy, not one of struggle, and Jennifer is a guiding light."  

Tara Cousineau, PhD, The Kindness Cure

“As a first-time author, I was a tad apprehensive about working with an editor. However, as soon as I read Jennifer’s initial edit, I relaxed—she clearly had a deep understanding of the subject matter and was able to edit without changing my voice in any way. In fact, she enhanced it considerably. As the process continued, I felt the book was in very safe editorial hands. I really appreciated her attention to detail, thoroughness, and commitment. Working with Jennifer was also a personal pleasure—we had fun working together—and I recommend her services without hesitation.”
Fiona Robertson, The Art of Finding Yourself

“Full Bloom Publications provides innovative, out-of-the-box book editing solutions. Jennifer Holder’s unique style incorporated a comprehensive structure to form ‘bones’ for my book, chapter by chapter. She combined this with a personal touch to ensure my voice and identity is heard.”
Mireille Schwartz, When Your Child Has Food Allergies

“I am very grateful to Jennifer for her editing expertise, humor, good cheer, and her down-to-earth ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently. She was invaluable in bringing my project to fruition and I highly recommend her to anyone embarking on a self-publishing journey.” 

Erika Berland, Sitting: The Physical Art of Meditation

“Jennifer Holder not only accomplished the developmental editing that showed me exactly what I was trying to say all along, but also seamlessly oversaw every aspect of the production of my books from beginning to end. Thank you, Jennifer!”

Frank W. Berliner, Bravery: The Living Buddha Within You and Falling in Love with a Buddha

What Industry Professionals Say

“To call Jennifer Holder a consummately skilled developmental editor is to sell her short. Jennifer is a book whisperer, almost magically able to find the perfect balance among what an author offers, what a publisher wants, and what a reader needs. Her abilities across the spectrum of developmental and editorial work never falter. She can be relied upon to discern the strengths and weaknesses of a project, formulate the best possible way forward, articulate that vision with rigor, clarity, and warmth, and follow through to a finished, polished manuscript—each project blooming into the book it was meant to become. From a client’s perspective, Jennifer is a joy to work with—always on time and within budget, always calm and professional, always clear and prompt in her communication. We count ourselves fortunate to work with her.”
Clancy Drake, Editorial Manager, New Harbinger Publications

"I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Jennifer for years—both as a colleague at AMACOM Books and in her freelance capacity as book doctor extraordinaire. And while I’ve long known that Jennifer is a talented and dedicated publishing professional, I’m not sure I fully appreciated the magnificence of her work until last year when I saw how she managed to surgically remove tens of thousands of words from one of my authors’ too-lengthy manuscripts—and even the author had to admit that she couldn’t even notice the cuts (!), and that the book was better for them. Jennifer also corresponds with authors in ways that make them feel comfortable working with her. In fact, Jennifer is a delight to work with in general. I highly recommend Jennifer and her work."

Ellen Kadin, Executive Editor, AMACOM Books

“Numerous times, I have reached out to Jennifer for her help on behalf of my clients. I can rely on her expertise with structure, editing, and writing—as well as her steadfast commitment to deliver on time. She brings her A-game to every project, and that is why I return to her again and again for help.”  
Shannon Marven, President, Dupree/Miller & Associates

“I love working with Jennifer. She genuinely cares about and nurtures her work and relationships. Her conscientious, detail-oriented, intuitive nature drives her to transcend expectations. Jennifer has developed a masterful skill set in writing, editing, and communications altogether. I am perennially honored and delighted to work with such a trustworthy, skillful professional.”
Claire Crevey, freelance editor and designer