Full Bloom Publications

I can write your spiritual insights. Yes, they are yours—only you can perceive their totality. Still, I have found ways to bridge personal experience and universal wisdom. I am tuned in to many styles, and I can make your message both transcendent and applicable.

My deep interest in spirituality was nurtured by an undergraduate degree from Naropa University, with a contemplative education model and Buddhist roots. I have been meditating in a variety of styles since 1997, with emphasis on Tibetan Buddhist vajrayana methods. 

I have experience working with spiritual books rooted in all kinds of teachings: traditional and nontraditional, ancient and modern, Eastern and Western, expansive and mundane.

This has come from ongoing relationships with the spiritual publishers Sounds True and Non-Duality Press. I have also helped teachers within spiritual communities share their insights through self-publishing. 

One of the best ways for me to ghostwrite your spiritual book is to simply have your public talks transcribed. I can then shape them into book form.

You can also count on me to understand the creative process that unfolds along the way. With deep mindfulness and compassion training, I offer an intentional journey. I view the entire path of publishing a book to be a sacred endeavor.  

Spiritual Books Transmit Wisdom

Spirituality Ghostwriting

Make a mind-to-mind connection

Reach out to your community

Be part of the evolving conversation and exchange

Share teachings that have awakened you

Bring your personal insights into universal experience