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Book Production

Book Production

What I Can Do for You

‚ÄčSelf-Publishing Consulting

Drawing on my experience with hundreds of books and four different publishing houses, I offer creative insight into the practical ways your vision can come through. 

Project Management

I work closely with you at every step to ensure your publishing vision is fulfilled, in a way that best reaches the target reader. 


To keep the project on track, I maintain a production schedule that coordinates each step while also keeping your schedule in mind. 

Freelancer Selection

I have a team of contractors who I have worked with before, and they produce quality work with cheerful professionalism. They respond well to feedback and are happy to make corrections and adjustments until your wishes are fulfilled. I do all the correspondence with them on your behalf and present their work to you for consideration and feedback. I also share your wishes with them, giving them detailed creative direction, and review their work before presenting it to you to ensure that they have accomplished what we are aiming for.