Full Bloom Publications


Whether you have a first draft of a manuscript or just thoughts about what you'd like to say, I can help. I design processes for working together according to what you need. Even your level of engagement can vary according to your schedule and sense of ownership. 

I can be this flexible because I have engaged a wide variety of authors and I know that each one is unique, and so is each book. I feel this is part of the magic of publishing. So let me design a system tailored to you.

Writing Your Book

Guide Your Ideas into Book Form

Write in Your Voice

You have an expertise, an idea, an area of authority. Or you have a story to tell and insights to share. A book offers you a great opportunity to reach out. 

It's an in-depth method of communication that has requirements and standards that you don't need to be familiar with, because I am. I can start with your ideas and transform them into ideal book material. 

Speak to Your Audience

Work Confidentially

Offer Fast Turnaround Times

What I Can Do for You

I can usually complete a project in three months. This is less than half the time it takes other ghostwriters. 

I work fast and I produce quality material. This is because I have hundreds of books as part of my publishing history, and I know books through and through.

Meet Your Unique Needs

​​Who you speak to, how you shape your content, and what tone you maintain along the way are essential. I help you reach your audience through a variety of writerly tools. Because doing this is as important as what you have to say. 

I respect the desire for confidentiality. Therefore, I won't share my contribution to your book unless I can help you further your efforts. 

I also understand that you will want to see a sample of my work. Sometimes I can share one from another project, but I find it's better to complete a fresh and relevant sample for you to review before we agree to work together.

This is your book. So I do more than apply your voice to the writing, I actually bring it out, polish it, and put it in the forefront.