Full Bloom Publications

I have ghostwritten a lot of general nonfiction. While the category is indeed broad, and can encompass creative nonfiction, memoir, self-help, and business, I look at it as a collective expression of your mind meeting the world with insight, skill, and genuineness.

This is more stimulating than coffee! Here's how.

When you invite me to stimulate your own thinking by putting it into book form, then stimulate the world by publishing and sharing the power of your experiences, what you've learned can stimulate humanity to laugh, cry, think, act, and grow. 

​That is the power I perceive when I ghostwrite general nonfiction for people.

Let me evoke it for you.

General Nonfiction

 Whether you ...

  • Are a subject-matter expert

  • Have a personal narrative to share

  • Want the world to hear your message

  • Know skills that can help

​You can participate in the conversation of your life by writing a book with me.