Tailor a Process for You

Each and every book has unique needs. That's one of the reasons I love making them. Before I even earn a dime, I can assess your manuscript and determine the best way forward. 

You see, there are actually four different kinds of editing: book doctoring, content or developmental editing, line editing, and copyediting. ​It's common to lump them all together, but they each have a distinct focus and method. ​Whatever state your book is in, I'm here to advise you on what's next.  

Advise Your Revisions

What I Can Do for You

You have written a book! Congratulations on a terrific achievement. It's essential to get everything out of your head and into writing. I honor the genuine intentions that go into a first draft, because they arise from your experience and your desires for reaching out to readers. 

Some authors feel empowered and want to work on initial revisions themselves. And they want to benefit from professional feedback. I offer detailed reports with applicable advice for what you can do to improve your book. 

Book Editing

Your next step is to hire an editor who can give the manuscript a fresh set of professional eyes. Yes, feedback from friends, family, and associates is helpful. But there is so much more to creating book for publication. I can help so that your original intentions are enriched by professional feedback and meet industry standards.

When we work together, I'll customize the journey to meet the unique needs of both your book and yourself. If you are super busy, great. If you want a lot of involvement, great. If you're at loose ends and just want someone to fix it, great. I'm here for you.

   Full Bloom Publications

You know the four kinds of editing I just mentioned? I can do them all. I do not recommend that I apply all phases to your book, as it's an important industry practice to give many pairs of eyes the opportunity to review the book. Whatever editing you need, I can help you on the next step toward publication. 

Editing Your Book

Determine What Your Book Needs

Benefit from a Book Industry Professional

Identify and Perform the Right Type of Editing