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You can have many goals for publishing a business book, because there are many benefits that range from building a speaking career to gaining clients.

I would love to ghostwrite your book so that it grabs attention, informs, motivates, and even revolutionizes the way things are done. 

I have been writing and editing business books since 2007, when I became an employee of the book publishing division of the American Management Association (AMA). I continue to work for them on a freelance basis.

My experience extends to many industries, fields, and specialties: from startups to etiquette, sales to human resources, leadership to innovation.

Ghostwriting business books is all about clarity, motivation, and application within the reader's day-to-day working experience. I would enjoy collaborating with you to capture your experiences and insights so that other professionals can learn from you.  

Business Ghostwriting

You become known​

Your business grows

You influence how business happens

When you publish a business book...