Full Bloom Publications

"Help Me Triage My Book"

Are you misaligned with your publisher?​

Does a publisher have revision requests that you don't know how to do, or that you are too busy for?

Have you done your best to write your book, but know it's still missing something?

You may need a book doctor.

A book doctor does whatever is required to fix your book—tasks big and small. This can include writing, restructuring, line editing, working with voice and tone, adding transitions, querying you for clarification, and prompting you for more content.

I approach book doctoring as an opportunity to further align a book with its readership. We want to deliver a book that is accessible and user-friendly. 

Often, the content is not the problem. You just need more tricks of the writing trade, which I can provide. Working together, everyone can be happy with the result. Picky publishers included. 

Book Doctoring